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November 25, 2017


According to Newton's third law, for every action force there is an equal (in size) and opposite (in direction) reaction force. Force always come in pairs - known as "action-reaction force pairs." Identifying and describing action-reaction force pairs is a simple matte...

October 30, 2017


Is STRENGTH used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling?

“Shit your f%$&!@ strong coach!” I often get this response from my students when teaching a move or tech rolling. Sometimes I hear my students say this about a particular practitioner at an open mat

"he’s strong as _...

October 12, 2017


All Martial Arts should be thought of as physics that is applied to the opponents body for defense or offense.

There are variations to take-downs, throws and sweeps, However, the nucleus of each variation is process of moving the center of mass away from the supports...

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