"Good technical rolling needs no strength..."

Yesterday before leaving class, I had the opportunity to have a good technical roll with one of the other advanced students. So... what is a good technical roll? A good technical roll is when you and your training partner are moving at an even pace, looking for entrees and looking to lock down positions. Neither of us were moving at 100% but we were working for position and submissions. Towards the end of our roll, he missed a near armbar. At that point, I told my training partner to stop at that position and finish the move. The reason why I did this is because he had the position on me to execute that armbar - he just lost it because I moved just in time so that he lost position and I ended up in his guard. We reset to that position and he finished the move, threw the armbar at me and I tapped. This helped my training partner and helped me as well because I saw how I got caught in that entree and he saw where his position didn't allow for the armbar to complete. Next time he throws this armbar, I may see the entree before he locks it down and he may remember to adjust his position so that he doesn't lose the armbar when he rolls again. Technical rolling helps you and your training partners reach a different level of jiu-jitsu. Back before i realized the importance of technical rolling, i would try to muscle out of submissions. I would struggle to the point where either I got hurt or my training partner would get hurt. The only thing learned there was frustration. If I lose position after an entree, I reset. If I get caught in a position right before the submission, I tap. Muscling out of a submission when the position is locked down is useless training. Usually when my training partner's pride is ahead of his training, I just let the submission go. How many times have you had that submission locked down but could not finish it because it wasn't worth the struggle? The battle is before the submission is put in place - the entree. If you don't see the entree then catching it right before the submission is finished and muscling out doesn't help. Catch the entree before the submission takes place... If you get caught, let it happen. Allow for yourself to learn where you lost the battle and allow for your training partner to learn where he lost the lockdown - this is true jiu-jitsu.

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