“You can’t force a lion to fight like a snake.”

To throw and takedown or to not throw and take down, to leg lock or not to leg lock, to Kimora or not to Kimora… I can go on… the fact is that it only matters to those that choose what works best for them and/or what they prefer… Everyone has an individual trait, physical attributes and abilities that aligns comfortably to whatever they choose as far as what moves, positions and submissions they adapt.

Everyone recognizes that when referring to animals; each of them have a trait which allow them to function comfortably in their habitat. These animal traits defined as: [(genetics) Characteristics or attributes of an organism that are expressed by genes and/or influenced by the environment. Supplement. Traits include physical attributes of an organism such as hair color, leaf shape, size, etc., and behavioral characteristics]; is what makes them unique.

No one ever says how come the snake slithers to its prey, bites quickly to inject a toxic venom? Why doesn’t it hop quickly and strap itself on top and bite its prey? There is a characteristic, a physical attribute of the snake that makes it unique. As far as the snake is concerned, its game works just fine. And it is not in line with how the mongoose, the lion, the elephant, the bear and every other animal operates. Each one is given its tools to function in a unique manner – whether it is to defend itself from other animals and/or to hunt for its prey.

There are martial artists that prefer to strike and kick and know just enough wrestling to get them back to stand up. There are others that are more comfortable on the ground (yes, just like the snake)… Some prefer to do throws and takedowns and then strike, others just pull guard. If a lion were to challenge a snake; the snake will probably use its speed and sneak attack ability to inject its toxic venom – the lion would lose. And this will probably be the case for most animals, except for the mongoose, hawks and a few more. However, sometimes the snake wins those battles too. It all depends again, on those attributes.

“You can’t force a lion to fight like a snake.”

No one can tell how effective a person’s attributes will work or function in scenarios that are not proven or tested. As far as anyone is concerned; if someone is always winning competitions, mma fights, underground battles etc, by utilizing the Kimora then that person prefers the Kimora. It is what that person executes best and it is their physical attributes that able that person to utilize this move. Some might win just by a quick throw and Armbar… others win by triangle chokes… and some by leg locks.

Agree or agree to disagree, each person has unique physical attributes and they will tend to choose a move or position that works best for them. It doesn’t matter if it works a percentage of the time. There is no martial art that is proven to work 100% of the time. Only because it has to adapt to every single physical attribute and this is not possible. Martial Arts evolves and adapts. It only progresses and that’s a good thing for all of us, regardless of our physical attributes.

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